Alfred Deakon – Prime Minister of Australia & Spiritualist

DEAKIN, ALFRED (1856-1919)

Modern Spiritualism came to the Australian gold fields in Victoria in the 1860’s.  The Victorian Association of progressive Spiritualists, which later became the Victorian Association of Spiritualists, which is now known as the Victorian Spiritualists Union, was formed in 1870.

One of its well known members was an Alfred Deakin, who eventually became President of the V.S.A. and held this position for many years until taking on a full time commitment in Politics.  His entry into Politics was spurred on by a message from a Medium who told him he would go and will do great things for Australia.

Driven by this prophecy, he became Prime Minister of Australia between 1903 and 1910.  Many centres and Churches set up across Australia, and Spiritualism began to grow.  However, the Australian law prevented Spiritualism being classed as a Denomination.

Today, across the world, countless Churches, centres and groups have been established to perpetuate the study and development of Spiritualism and its Seven principles.