About Us

The Spiritualist Church of Australia is a registered entity.

Our services contain no ritual or dogma, although a standard format is followed, ie hymns/songs, healing meditation followed by a talk on the philosophy of Spiritualism and, unique to a Spiritualist service, a demonstration of clairvoyance.

Sensitives, or mediums, communicate with those who have passed over and who give evidence of their continuing love and interest in our affairs, so proving that they still “live”, and by that means prove that they still live in a world differing from but accessible to us, where we will all continue to exist after this life, in an environment we call ‘the spirit world’, thus proving that it is only the physical body which dies at death.

All visitors are welcome.

Our Background

In early 2009 a group of dedicated Spiritualists in Sydney met to agree on the opening of a new Spiritualist Church on the beautiful north shore of Sydney.

Church1Friday 13 March 2009, the North Shore Spiritualist Church held its first service in the character-filled church on the corner of Barry and Yeo Streets in Neutral Bay on Sydney’s north shore.

It was soon after agreed that the church would join The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia (CUSA), being a group registered with the Attorney General’s Office and thus falling under Canon Law. We were welcomed in as the North Shore Branch of the CUSA.

In August 2013, we moved the church to Crows Nest, in June 2016, we returned to the church on the corner of Barry and Yeo Streets in Neutral Bay and in July 2017, we decided to be independent.