Spirit Speaks – 12 May 2023

We are gathered here tonight together. Some have come for purely curiosity. Others have come because of their belief. Curiosity is also a belief. It’s an understanding of who we are and what we are.

We have to look always to life. We have to look at each other and say: Who am I? What is my purpose here on this earth? Why was I put here? And we will say to you: You were put here for a reason. You chose. You made a contract – a contract before you came. But you cannot remember what you signed. And that is the beauty of it. It’s always to think, and say to yourself: What am I walking this earth for? What am I good at?

You still have not discovered, you still have not find that faith. And we feel for you. For there is one reason that you have been put here. You have been put here, simply, to be of service. Of service to yourself, your family, to others, to those who are in need. How many of you can truthfully say: I am of service. I have touched so-and-so. I have helped someone lesser than myself. For the true mark of a man is a man who gives to someone lesser than yourself, and not expecting anything back in return. That is, to be of service. It’s to extend one hand. It’s to say: Let me help you.

What is it that you fear the most in life? What is it ? Have you asked that little inner voice within yourself? If you say to yourself: What am I to do? Who do I look to for guidance? Who do I look to? If I have children, who do they look to? They can only look to you. You’re the one that are guiding them. But once again, it depends on your belief. For there is great fear in this world. People fear to live life to its fullness. People fear of their passing, of their death, or ‘crossing over’ as we like to call it. For they do not understand. They think, What is there? Once I’m gone, I’m gone. But what if there is more? What do I need to look at? What do I need to fear? Or can I gladly go toward the light? For many have gone and come back, and come back fearful. Others have come and wish they had not come back. For they found true love, beautiful love, unconditional love.

And for those who fear, it depends on their belief. It depends on what they’re asking. Depends very much how they lead their life. But that could be a gift for them to sit them-self in darkness for a moment, simply to change their way of life. Simply to look at life differently. For there is no mysteries, no matter how much you church ‘em , how much you look for them, there are mysteries that you will never know. Mysteries that are meant only to be kept within the world of spirit.

Even in your passing, even at your light you ask yourself: Once I’m on the other side I will know all there is to know. Let me reassure you. No you will not! For you have not reached that loath. Some might have; others will not! But it is the point of life that you’re missing out on. It is the lack of understanding of what passing is about. For who’s to say where the beginning starts and where it ends. Or, where it ends and where it begins. Have you thought about that?

Ah, my friends, we could tell you so much, but we are not allowed to. You have to discover for yourself. Many books have been written. Many have read them. But how true are they? Is it the person’s mind, is it what they wish for them self? Or are they truly truly experience, that near death experience, or death itself, and come back with a memory? For as a child when you’re born, all thoughts are wiped out of your mind of your previous life. All thoughts are wiped out for you have to start afresh.

Remember, you have signed a contract. Use your faith, use your belief. Do not depend on others. What’s in there that is important? Look and say to yourself: How can I be of service to someone at this very moment? For we are shadows within doorways and we stand and we watch. Many of us walk amongst you and you do not recognise us. You do not look at us. We may be a homeless soul, but we came back for a purpose. We are not here to for long but we are here, simply to help another homeless or someone within a hospital, someone that is ill, terminally ill. Someone who fears to let go. There are so many good service that can be done.

Do not depend on us to lead your life, for you are to lead your own life. Look at yourself first and say to yourself: I am who I am, and I will do the best that I possibly can. I do not pretend to understand (say to yourself) everything, but Lord I am here. Use me. That is the spirit. That is what is called unconditional love. Give as much as you can of yourself. Give all that is a possibility that you are able to give. For at the end, remember friends, once you cross over, you cannot take it with you. It stays behind and you start again.

I do hope it makes sense to what we are trying to say. For life, my friend, is but a dream. And you are actors within a world stage. And you act beautifully. Good or bad, you act. But it is how you become that actor. It is how you handle it, that gives hope to others, that gives them peace. To hold their hand in the moment of the passing. Would you hold the hand in their grief. Or to hold out a hand to someone who needs it, without expecting anything back. That is all. So always remember, that in life, you walk together. You are all attached by the thread that attaches you. We call it the golden thread. Whatever someone touches it, it vibrates all the way back to everyone upon this world.

For you are, at the end of the day, you are spiritual beings. That is what you are, spiritual being living here on earth, for whatever you need to understand. For whatever lesson, or maybe not so much a lesson. We call it karma. We are trying to be careful here. Karma, think about it. What is karma? We all have it. And we’ve all had to have it. I for once will never be back here. I will never wander this earth again. And nor will I. For I have done my time here on earth. I have walked it for centuries. But I reached a point where it is not necessary any more.

But it is a pleasure to guide others; guiding only my friend, not living your life.

So remember, whatever you seek, seek it with compassion, with understanding, and with unconditional love. That is all we wish to say. So good night and good night everyone. May you walk a wonderful journey here on earth. May you achieve all that you wish to achieve. And may you touch each soul with a hand of love.

Thank you. God bless.

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