The Brotherhood Of Man

The second principle of Spiritualism covers a vast field of obligations and constitutes the essence of Religion in practice.

Without this principle Religion would be mere phrase mongering. He that serves his neighbour serves God. There is no material advantage in serving your neighbour, but there is the blessing of the spirit. The greatest incentive to love and service is the inequality of life.

Spiritualism proves that service is not unrewarded, and establishes beyond doubt that only by service can spiritual progress be made. This does not follow that service should be undertaken for the sake of personal spiritual advancement. On the contrary, it is essentially the spirit in which the service is given, that spirit of pure unselfishness which enhances the soul. Spiritualism also proves that spiritual qualities are the only permanent treasures of life.

In our daily lives, in our immediate contacts at work, home, school and play, we meet those who need help. They may need a material gift, a kindly word, advice, or sacrifice of time. We should give, as we should hope to receive in similar circumstances. The spirit of such a gift of service should be the motive of sharing our advantages, material and spiritual, in an effort to increase our friends’ participation in the good things of life to the level of our own. The benefit is mutual. Our friends are helped along the road of life and our spiritual statures are equally enhances. We cannot make sunshine and escape it ourselves.

Our capacity to love, and our knowledge of life, are both developed to a higher stage of perfection which automatically increases our power to do good, and to appreciate the attendant happiness and satisfaction. In short we become more and more in harmony with the Supreme Spirit of all.

Great opportunities are given to all who serve social causes which exist to bring economic security, peace, charity and culture to the people.

The highest cause of all is the propagation of the truths of immortality, for this is the greatest spiritual blessing of the universe. To be ignorant of its truth is to be blind to the real meaning of existence, and its eternal obligations.

The truths of spirit communication not only extend the bonds of brotherhood to the eternal spirit spheres but clearly indicate that we all belong to one great unity. Membership of this union depends upon our harmonious relationships with one another in universal brotherhood. Spiritualism gives a new and higher meaning to the principle of Brotherhood.

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