Church Services


“The real aim (of church service) is for you yourself to walk into this vibration, to feel the energy, to feel the healing rays that come your way, and your guides also who have brought you here. So it is a time to come together in communion with yourself, your guides and with each other.”
Spirit Speaks – 17 March 2023 North Shore Spiritualist Church


We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month @7.30pm (entrance in Barry Street).  

The services held at the Spiritualist Church of Australia (formally known as North Shore Spiritualist Church) follow a “standard” format as recognised by the spiritualist movement.

Whilst the visiting mediums may wish to alter the format slightly in order to suit their style of address, the order of service is designed to ensure that the energy levels, and thus vibrational energy levels remain high. High energy levels are desirable in order to support the flow of energy between the medium in the physical world and his or her guides from the spiritual realms.