Spirit Speaks

The words below have been channeled during the address by Mediums at our church services.

Healing 23/06/23 

Now that we’ve all gathered, those here and the others that are with us, we get to extend the welcome. We get an opportunity to embrace you. We get an opportunity to be closer to you, and those that are with you get to be close to you. For the next little bit we get to spend some time on our own. Despite being in a group, with many onlookers, there’s an opportunity now to be with yourselves. So we ask you to sit comfortably, feel settled in your chair, focus on the breath. Feel the body start to be still and relaxed, and through the breath that will happen. When you focus on what you breathe in and then what you breathe out, as you continue to do so, the mind starts to quiet. The issues of the day and the week are put aside and we just focus on the breath.

We focus on what it feels like to breathe in, to hold it, to breathe out. And we focus on it again. The body relaxes. The mind relaxes. And when you’re completely relaxed, that’s when your healers step in from behind. They wrap you in their light. They wrap you in their arms. They wrap you in their energy. They engulf you. It washes over you. You have nothing to do but to sit, to focus on the breath, and to feel that energy all around you. It’s energy, it’s light, it’s love, and it just completely engulfs you. You breathe in the light and breathe in their love. You breathe in their energy. There’s a calmness that comes with that. A sense of relaxation. A sense that everything else in the world can be put aside. At the moment it’s just you, and the energy that’s offered by your healers. You get to sit quietly in it. Some may feel it. Some may sense it. Some may see it. But know that energy is completely engulfed in. It wraps you completely. You get to sit and soak it in.

The stillness that comes with it. The sense of peace, calmness. It’s a place that you can be for a long time. It’s a place that’s always there for you though. It’s not just a place that we reserve here. It’s a place that you can generate for yourselves. It’s a place that just requires a little bit of quietness. And you generate the stillness and relax your body and the rest can happen. The healer starts to unwrap the arms from around you. And they start to bring in their light and their energy. And the cocoon that they built for you, starts to fade away. You start to feel your senses return. Your breathing changes slightly. You can feel the weight of your feet on the floor. With a couple of deep breaths you find yourself back here in the hall, in the service, and amongst us, as part of the group. With that we thank spirit for being with us and to hold us and to wrap us up. And it’s now time to come back and be with us. Blessings to you all. Thank you.

Healing 21/07/2023

So, let’s start with our intention for the healing tonight – for yourself, friends, family, loved ones past and present, for situations in the world. Wherever you would like to direct the healing, know that it is your intention that makes it so. And we include in the healing all the healing books, not only here but around the world. We include healing for the homeless, those with mental illness, those in institutions, hospitals, refugee camps, those affected by war, famine, drought, floods and other natural disasters. And we ask the healing to extend into Mother Earth and to the multiverses around us; for all the animals, birds and other inhabitants of the earth and the seas and skies.

We imagine that we have a big bonfire in front of us keeping us warm. And we also have the opportunity to write down on a piece of paper, in our imagination, anything that we are ready to let go of; any past hurts, trauma, situations, any people that we no longer want impacting our lives; any judgements, feelings, anything that we’ve judged as bad or negative; any time that we’ve judged ourselves, for what we’ve said or not said, done or not done, for our thoughts, for any unkindness that we directed to ourselves as well as to others. And we throw these papers into the fire to be transmuted into love, to let them go once and for all. And if there’s anything else that you’ve thought of, any acts, any self talk, we can add those to the fire as we think of them. Just watch them burning up into smoke.

And as we sit there, we hear the healing sound of the drum. It’s matching the rhythm of our hearts, reminding us to connect not only to ourselves but to Mother Earth as well as to the divine spirit. We feel the sound of the drums resonating throughout our bodies, dislodging any stuck energy, allowing the flow, allowing the healing sounds to penetrate. And as we do so, we feel more grounded, more relaxed, more connected to the earth, to the elements, but also to Great Spirit/God/the Universe. We feel the support of the earth and our loved ones, guides, teachers, masters, ascended masters, angels – all those in spirit that are here unseen but still felt, still contributing to this healing.

Just feel yourself being gently nurtured, supported, held in love. Know that you are made of love, are infinitely loved and loving, that you are whole and one. There’s nothing that needs to be fixed, changed, healed, rescued. You are already divine perfection, a magnificent being of love and light. Know that everything that happens in your life is serving and being served in the highest, supporting your growth, your learning. It’s what you chose to do before you came, what do you chose to experience, so that you could know all aspects of yourself, so that you could realise what was an illusion and so that you could exercise your free will to choose differently.

Know that you’re already acknowledged, seen, heard, known, valued, felt, accepted, supported and understood by Source/God and the angels in every dimension. And that you’re made of infinite possibilities. Any limitations are man-made. You can always call on infinite possibilities when you feel stuck or limited. And know that by being here, just by being on this earth, you are making a difference. You are shining your light as a beacon of hope to others. As the song said earlier, you are the light in the storm for somebody else. Even when you’re battling your own storms, you’re still emanating that light and that love and that hope. And even though you may not realise it, others can feel the love and the light that you are. And their vibration raises a little just by you being there, or having been somewhere. Your energy stays where you’ve been, leaving an imprint, helping all those who follow in your footsteps.

Know that you are never given a problem without also being presented with the solution. Just like in nature, the poison plant has its cure growing nearby. So whenever you’re confronted with a problem, look for the solution. Know that you are always supported. You are always loved. You are always held in the highest esteem. And know that you chose, and were chosen, to be here at this time because of the love that you are. As the sound of the drum starts to fade, you feel yourself refreshed, alert, invigorated, peaceful and relaxed. Bringing yourself slowly back to where you started, back in the room, back to your chair, back to this present moment. Gently start to move, stretch, and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Address 09/06/2023

On this night we wish to speak to you about forgiveness. What do you call forgiveness? Do you say to yourself, “I am going to forgive you.“ Do you truly mean it? Or are you just saying it so it makes you feel better? Before you can forgive somebody else, you must learn to forgive yourself. And can we say, dear one, that takes a long time. It’s not a day, or a week or an overnight. It could take years. You may have forgotten deep down what it’s all about. You think, “Oh, I have forgotten. I’m not angry any more.“ But one tiny little word, one tiny little word, might bring back the reaction, and all of a sudden you feel this anger coming up. And you say to yourself, “But I thought I had forgiven.“ You haven’t, have you.

Think about it. Before you can forgive, look to yourself. Look within yourself and say, “I need to forgive myself first.“ For it is not always the other person’s fault. It is not always them who has created the problem. It could have been that you created that problem. And of course, as you know, with every action there is a reaction.

And so we look to you and we say, whatever touches you, whatever you feel, remember, you pass it on to somebody else. For you are all attached by a spiritual cord. Call it whatever you like; we call it the golden thread. As it vibrates with anger, it shows through to the next person. Vibrated with love, you will feel a great peace from your neighbour or your friend or whoever is feeling it. For not everyone can sense or pick it up. And that is a great pity, for it’s there for all of you. It’s to look inside yourself deep and listen to that inner voice. May you say to yourself, I do not trust what I’m hearing. Why do you not trust it? Is it that you do not trust yourself, or trust somebody else? How often do we put the thought in your mind when you are in doubts and we say trust. But you dismiss it. How often do you turn to somebody else and blame them for your mistakes? It’s so much easier to put the blame somewhere else isn’t it, than to look at yourself first. So dear one, we ask of you, understand the word, what it means to forgive, what it means to love, and to say, “I do forgive you because I love you. I love you deeply for who you are. Not what you could be, but for who you are.“

You may be poor, you might be wealthy, you may be handicap. It matters not. You could be a homeless. Don’t look down on them as if they’re not worth anything. Show them your love. For deep down they show you their love. Actually, what they’re doing, they’re showing you that for the grace of God you could be there.

Remember that, for the grace of God, you could be that homeless. Wouldn’t you enjoy someone to come to you and say, “Let me help you friend. Let me touch you. Let me show you my love. It matters not that you are untidy, or dirty. You are one of us. You are like me, a spiritual being.” All it is is their walk on earth; they have chosen a different pathway to yours. But it does not mean that you cannot look after them. For there is a purpose to everyone.

Their purpose could be to show you courage; to show you understanding; to show you not to be selfish; to show you that there’s more to life than just being here. For how many live their live, days in and days out. Never thinks of others but only of themself. That is not life, friends. That is not understanding the way of who you are. Who you are all, first of all, spiritual beings. Your heart opens, your light shines. But it is up to you to shine that light. It is up to you to say, “Here I am. Take my hand and walk with me. For together, and our mind put together, we can change, perhaps the weight of vibration of this world is at this moment.”

For we look around and we decided to step out. For we cannot intrude on your life. We cannot tell you what to do. But you break our heart, you break us, for you have lost faith in what your world it truly is. It is being destroyed through nature, lack of understanding, greed of man, who wishes to control, who wishes to take, for whatever they own for their own power. Turn your back friends. Do not be one of those. Be yourself and say, “I am who I am, and I will stand tall amongst man. And I will shine my light. And I will open up to those who wish to feel it, and show that life is possible, by understanding each others. But most of all, by showing unconditional love to all.” Do not misuse the word love. Use it for what it’s meant to be. Unconditional, remember, unconditional.

Do not fear whatever happens to you. Do not fear in your passing. There are so many who fear to let go and they suffer through their illness for the lack of understanding. Why can they not be like the caterpillar that sees it as the end. But the butterfly sees it as the beginning. Beginning of life. For here, this is the end. You are stepping towards a new beginning on your crossover. Life itself begins. Simply for who you are.

And so friends, we ask you, be aware of others. Be aware of all that grows around you. Be aware of your earth, your planet. Be aware of your grass, and listen to the grass grow. Listen to the wind speak to you, for it does, if you are prepared to open to it. Listen deeply, and it will release its secrets. Secrets that you all wish to know, but you do not hear. Ah, blessed those who listen, blessed those who hears the wind speak, the grass grow. Blessed those who embrace all in their life. Blessed those who shows their love, unconditionally to all.

Thank you. Take care of yourself. And be aware that tomorrow is another day, and another day and another day. Always think to yourself, “I am truly blessed, for I am being touched by the light, the light of spirit, the light of the father, the light that is so bright, that it is waiting in time to welcome you all, back to where you belong, back home, as a magnificent being of light.“

Thank you. God bless.

Address 17/3/2023

“The real aim (of church service) is for you yourself to walk into this vibration, to feel the energy, to feel the healing rays that come your way, and your guides also who have brought you here. So it is a time to come together in communion with yourself, your guides and with each other.

Give yourself time to commune with the Great Spirit. Walk outside at night, look up to the stars, marvel at the stars, communicate with the stars. Lose yourself in that great sky, and in that moment you will feel the connection, a jolt of energy, for you are expanding your consciousness. And as you expand that consciousness, you will feel the finer vibrations that vibrate around you, that due to your busy lives, your overstimulated reality, you do not feel any more.

This is the new reality that you walk into now. It is a time where everything is faster. Technology is evolving to replicate the finer realities of spirituality. Technology is mimicking the ability to communicate vast distances. It is connecting you artificially, but really it is mimicking what already exists. But man has forgotten those skills, those understandings, the teachings of the great leaders of past generations.

So as the world quickens, you, and everything around you, will quicken. It will feel like you are walking to an emotional rollercoaster at times. When everything moves, moving you from side to side.

We talked about this many many years ago on this platform, where the world will go through a time where the oceans rampage, waves would crash, and the job was to anchor. So whilst the waves may crash on you, winds may blow, you will still be able to be present in oneself. And therefore also be able to be there for others who wash upon you like a lighthouse. For this will happen. And these lighthouses will be called upon, not to save your fellow mankind, but to show them the light. But many will be lost like they are today.

So, as we walk through the new chapter of earth shall we say, there will be some interesting times ahead. But like we just said, we all here have a deep connection to the Great Spirit. We have an unbreakable bond and connection to each other and all of life, for we are all connected to the tapestry woven by the hands of God, envisaged in the dream long ago. And as the dream unfolds, so will the changes on this plane. So this is a message of hope.

Yes there are challenges. Yes there will be some times ahead where man like storms, ocean storms, will be challenged. But with any great change, great shifts, we go through a process of challenge. Even your own life, you may recall that the greatest learnings, the greatest understandings, have come through challenge, through sacrifice, through pain. For the role is to grow. Grow we must do, and grow we shall forever towards the light of the Great One.

May every step ahead be illumined by the light of the Great Spirit.”