Spirit Speaks – 17 March 2023

“The real aim (of church service) is for you yourself to walk into this vibration, to feel the energy, to feel the healing rays that come your way, and your guides also who have brought you here. So it is a time to come together in communion with yourself, your guides and with each other.

Give yourself time to commune with the Great Spirit. Walk outside at night, look up to the stars, marvel at the stars, communicate with the stars. Lose yourself in that great sky, and in that moment you will feel the connection, a jolt of energy, for you are expanding your consciousness. And as you expand that consciousness, you will feel the finer vibrations that vibrate around you, that due to your busy lives, your overstimulated reality, you do not feel any more.

This is the new reality that you walk into now. It is a time where everything is faster. Technology is evolving to replicate the finer realities of spirituality. Technology is mimicking the ability to communicate vast distances. It is connecting you artificially, but really it is mimicking what already exists. But man has forgotten those skills, those understandings, the teachings of the great leaders of past generations.

So as the world quickens, you, and everything around you, will quicken. It will feel like you are walking to an emotional rollercoaster at times. When everything moves, moving you from side to side.

We talked about this many many years ago on this platform, where the world will go through a time where the oceans rampage, waves would crash, and the job was to anchor. So whilst the waves may crash on you, winds may blow, you will still be able to be present in oneself. And therefore also be able to be there for others who wash upon you like a lighthouse. For this will happen. And these lighthouses will be called upon, not to save your fellow mankind, but to show them the light. But many will be lost like they are today.

So, as we walk through the new chapter of earth shall we say, there will be some interesting times ahead. But like we just said, we all here have a deep connection to the Great Spirit. We have an unbreakable bond and connection to each other and all of life, for we are all connected to the tapestry woven by the hands of God, envisaged in the dream long ago. And as the dream unfolds, so will the changes on this plane. So this is a message of hope.

Yes there are challenges. Yes there will be some times ahead where man like storms, ocean storms, will be challenged. But with any great change, great shifts, we go through a process of challenge. Even your own life, you may recall that the greatest learnings, the greatest understandings, have come through challenge, through sacrifice, through pain. For the role is to grow. Grow we must do, and grow we shall forever towards the light of the Great One.

May every step ahead be illumined by the light of the Great Spirit.”

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