Spirit Heals – 23 June 2023

Now that we’ve all gathered, those here and the others that are with us, we get to extend the welcome. We get an opportunity to embrace you. We get an opportunity to be closer to you, and those that are with you get to be close to you. For the next little bit we get to spend some time on our own. Despite being in a group, with many onlookers, there’s an opportunity now to be with yourselves. So we ask you to sit comfortably, feel settled in your chair, focus on the breath. Feel the body start to be still and relaxed, and through the breath that will happen. When you focus on what you breathe in and then what you breathe out, as you continue to do so, the mind starts to quiet. The issues of the day and the week are put aside and we just focus on the breath.

We focus on what it feels like to breathe in, to hold it, to breathe out. And we focus on it again. The body relaxes. The mind relaxes. And when you’re completely relaxed, that’s when your healers step in from behind. They wrap you in their light. They wrap you in their arms. They wrap you in their energy. They engulf you. It washes over you. You have nothing to do but to sit, to focus on the breath, and to feel that energy all around you. It’s energy, it’s light, it’s love, and it just completely engulfs you. You breathe in the light and breathe in their love. You breathe in their energy. There’s a calmness that comes with that. A sense of relaxation. A sense that everything else in the world can be put aside. At the moment it’s just you, and the energy that’s offered by your healers. You get to sit quietly in it. Some may feel it. Some may sense it. Some may see it. But know that energy is completely engulfed in. It wraps you completely. You get to sit and soak it in.

The stillness that comes with it. The sense of peace, calmness. It’s a place that you can be for a long time. It’s a place that’s always there for you though. It’s not just a place that we reserve here. It’s a place that you can generate for yourselves. It’s a place that just requires a little bit of quietness. And you generate the stillness and relax your body and the rest can happen. The healer starts to unwrap the arms from around you. And they start to bring in their light and their energy. And the cocoon that they built for you, starts to fade away. You start to feel your senses return. Your breathing changes slightly. You can feel the weight of your feet on the floor. With a couple of deep breaths you find yourself back here in the hall, in the service, and amongst us, as part of the group. With that we thank spirit for being with us and to hold us and to wrap us up. And it’s now time to come back and be with us. Blessings to you all. Thank you.

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