Spirit Heals – 19 May 2023

Relax. Really connect to the spirit and guides and healers and angels that are here with us this evening. We are going to ask for healing on all levels, not just the physical – the emotional, the mental and the spiritual – as they’re all connected into one. And when one is in jeopardy or in need of healing – your mind, an emotional crisis – your intentions will tend to focus on it, whether it’s a physical ailment, an emotional crisis, mental chaos or spiritual question.

You’ll tend to be drawn more and more to one aspect of yourself. However, all these parts of you are connected, and when one is feeling out of balance, others try to actually compensate, or may be pulled in that direction, and you forget about your own needs. You might be distracted mentally over a question and overlook your physical health. You might be emotionally burdened and forget your spiritual practices. For they are all connected, and it is the balance we seek tonight. So around each of you, you will find your healers. Your guides have come, each to take a part of you: the spiritual part, the mental part, the emotional part and the physical part. So take these to heal them individually and holistically as one. The right guide or right healer will go where it is needed.

We ask you to allow and receive this healing now. Allow yourself to ask for the help that’s needed, for the balance that’s needed on a higher level for realignment. The intention is to connect these parts of you into one, recalibrating it into one whole being, from your soul, your mind, your heart and your body, filters down into one. And as these parts come together, we feel your cells, your muscles, physical beings of who you are, getting reconnected and rebalanced on every level. These layers that are with you are with you actually every day.

Sometimes you just need to ask for it; a little help, a little focus, not just on the areas that need healing the most but a holistic balance of your well-being, coming back to who you are naturally, in your own energy, in your own power. For we give so much throughout the day, throughout the week. Release this moment. Recall that energy back for yourself to heal, to recharge and to strengthen.

For when you are in balance and alignment, the steps you take become clearer, the thoughts you make become brighter. You remember again the connection that you have in this world, not only to spirit, but to each other. And you remember that sometimes it’s okay to ask for help; it’s okay to ask for healing. For what you ask will be given at the appropriate time; it will come perfectly for you.

As you stay in this energy of healing, we invite you to share this here with your loved ones and family members and those that you think need a bit of rebalancing in their life. Create this feeling, across the world, across the stars into the homes, into the hearts of those who need it most. For on this cold winter’s day, may this bring some warmth to their hearts and yours.

And as you feel yourself now be re-calibrated, recharged, feel that energy come through you back into this realm of reality. Back into the physical being. For it is at this physical being that you need to operate at this moment in time. And allow that healing to filter through as you bring your energy through now, wrapped around you in a golden ball of light. Bringing it down into your body, back to where you’re sitting. Feeling it go through your body, all the way down, through your legs, down through the bottom of your feet as we connect it into the great Mother Earth, the divine mother energy, the source of love and healing for all her children on earth. Bringing yourself back, thanking your guides and spirit for the healing and knowing that this will stay with you throughout the week. Breathing in and releasing that energy.

We thank you for your time and your patience with us. Breathing in and then letting go. Coming back into you. And when you’re ready, just coming back into your space.
Thank you.

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