Spirit Heals – 21 July 2023

So, let’s start with our intention for the healing tonight – for yourself, friends, family, loved ones past and present, for situations in the world. Wherever you would like to direct the healing, know that it is your intention that makes it so. And we include in the healing all the healing books, not only here but around the world. We include healing for the homeless, those with mental illness, those in institutions, hospitals, refugee camps, those affected by war, famine, drought, floods and other natural disasters. And we ask the healing to extend into Mother Earth and to the multiverses around us; for all the animals, birds and other inhabitants of the earth and the seas and skies.

We imagine that we have a big bonfire in front of us keeping us warm. And we also have the opportunity to write down on a piece of paper, in our imagination, anything that we are ready to let go of; any past hurts, trauma, situations, any people that we no longer want impacting our lives; any judgements, feelings, anything that we’ve judged as bad or negative; any time that we’ve judged ourselves, for what we’ve said or not said, done or not done, for our thoughts, for any unkindness that we directed to ourselves as well as to others. And we throw these papers into the fire to be transmuted into love, to let them go once and for all. And if there’s anything else that you’ve thought of, any acts, any self talk, we can add those to the fire as we think of them. Just watch them burning up into smoke.

And as we sit there, we hear the healing sound of the drum. It’s matching the rhythm of our hearts, reminding us to connect not only to ourselves but to Mother Earth as well as to the divine spirit. We feel the sound of the drums resonating throughout our bodies, dislodging any stuck energy, allowing the flow, allowing the healing sounds to penetrate. And as we do so, we feel more grounded, more relaxed, more connected to the earth, to the elements, but also to Great Spirit/God/the Universe. We feel the support of the earth and our loved ones, guides, teachers, masters, ascended masters, angels – all those in spirit that are here unseen but still felt, still contributing to this healing.

Just feel yourself being gently nurtured, supported, held in love. Know that you are made of love, are infinitely loved and loving, that you are whole and one. There’s nothing that needs to be fixed, changed, healed, rescued. You are already divine perfection, a magnificent being of love and light. Know that everything that happens in your life is serving and being served in the highest, supporting your growth, your learning. It’s what you chose to do before you came, what do you chose to experience, so that you could know all aspects of yourself, so that you could realise what was an illusion and so that you could exercise your free will to choose differently.

Know that you’re already acknowledged, seen, heard, known, valued, felt, accepted, supported and understood by Source/God and the angels in every dimension. And that you’re made of infinite possibilities. Any limitations are man-made. You can always call on infinite possibilities when you feel stuck or limited. And know that by being here, just by being on this earth, you are making a difference. You are shining your light as a beacon of hope to others. As the song said earlier, you are the light in the storm for somebody else. Even when you’re battling your own storms, you’re still emanating that light and that love and that hope. And even though you may not realise it, others can feel the love and the light that you are. And their vibration raises a little just by you being there, or having been somewhere. Your energy stays where you’ve been, leaving an imprint, helping all those who follow in your footsteps.

Know that you are never given a problem without also being presented with the solution. Just like in nature, the poison plant has its cure growing nearby. So whenever you’re confronted with a problem, look for the solution. Know that you are always supported. You are always loved. You are always held in the highest esteem. And know that you chose, and were chosen, to be here at this time because of the love that you are. As the sound of the drum starts to fade, you feel yourself refreshed, alert, invigorated, peaceful and relaxed. Bringing yourself slowly back to where you started, back in the room, back to your chair, back to this present moment. Gently start to move, stretch, and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

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