Spirit Speaks – 10 March 2023

I always feel there is so much sadness, so much for people and I often wonder why. Why do you feel so sad? Why do you feel the way you feel at the time, lost. You need to look deep within yourself. You need to feel the faith, the belief. Have you ever listened to the inner voice that is within you, as to understand yourself. And to know, no matter what, you are unconditionally loved.

So exactly what is unconditional love? It doesn’t come with: I love you if you do this for me, or, I do this and I love you. And that is sad to think that way because there are many parents who have borne their children that way. So many who say I’ll do this if you do that. That is complete control over somebody else – over their mind, their soul and their physical being. You have to allow the soul to be free, to fly, to let it grow, for it’s here for a purpose. It’s here to learn, to understand itself. You are purely the body. You carry it, the physical part of you. For at the end, you are organic and one day you won’t be here, but your soul will be. It will live on. Bit like the caterpillar that said, caterpillar perceives it as the end, itself as the end. But the butterfly sees it as the beginning.

Who is to know what is the end and what is the beginning, what is the beginning or the end. Have faith in yourself, that nothing ends, everything continues. It is truly here. It is written within you. It is part of who you are.

But most of all it is how do you hold your faith toward the world of spirit? Do you believe deep enough? Or are you one of those that think they know it all? That don’t need guidance in life, for they know it. The fact is my friends we all need guidance, no matter who we are.

Even the queen, the king, needed the guidance. Someone much higher than yourselves. For we are all here to learn. You may think you’ve learnt everything but you haven’t. We are still learning. We are growing. We are just like babes in the wood. But that is how your soul works. It wants to learn. It wants to be guided. It wants to be shown. It does not want to be restricted. And to truly believe that you do not need guidance in any aspect of your life – that is ego speaking. Yes, there is a spiritual ego, but I’m talking about the physical ego. You need to let that go. You need to understand.

Spirit doesn’t worry about ego. Spirit does not worry about who you are, what you are. They worry about your soul. They don’t worry whether you’re better than that. For to them you are all equal. We are all attached by the thread, that gold thread that holds us together. What affects one affects the other out through the vibration. For you are all brothers, sisters. You are one. So please, open your heart. Open yourself and learn from each other. And listen. Listen to what is being told to you. If you don’t hear it properly, listen to that inner voice that hears within you, and you’ll be surprised at the guidance and the teaching that you are still learning, that you are still being shown. For in life, we all need guidance, regardless of who we are. We are still learning. And we need to learn, and understand.

And so, I will leave you with these words. You may do whatever you wish with them. But understand, that nothing ends; everything begins. And remember, one good turn deserves another. Always reach out and ask for help if need be. There is no shame in asking for help. There is no shame in asking for guidance, regardless of how much you think you may know, for we can assure you, you know very little – very little comparing to the Great Mysteries of the universe, the mysteries of the realms of spirit. You think you may understand it. You do not understand half of it. Or even a quarter. But you were given a gift. Use it wisely. Use it with compassion, with understanding and with unconditional love.


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