Spiritual Healing

No doubt you will have seen, heard or read something which refers to this subject, for it has certainly received a great deal of publicity in recent years. In this section it is intended to clear up some of the confusion you might have, and present the rational Spiritualist standpoint.

PurpleButterflyWe refer to “Spiritual” Healing, not “Faith” Healing. Sympathy with and understanding of the ideas of healing can be a great help, but many of the cases dealt with by healers involve those who do not have faith; babies, those to weak or too ill to be concerned with faith, those who seek help as a last resort. Our contention is that this healing is a natural activity. You do not need faith for the X-ray to work on you, or the drug to ease your pain, or for the dentist to be able to fill the cavity in your tooth or for the doctor to be able to remove your appendix.

Of course, we do not understand the workings of Spiritual Healing as well as we understand the workings of the nervous system of the blood circulatory system or similar bodily functions. Because of this, no healer can or should guarantee a cure. The healer will try to bring about a cure; if this cannot be achieved he may well be able to ease the discomfort produced by the problem. Where he feels that medical help is required he should say so. Sometimes he may realise that there is virtually nothing to be done other than ease the passing of the patient, this itself being of great help to both the patient and his family.

Having said all that, it must be pointed out that spiritual healing has achieved remarkable results. It is achieved by co-operation between the healers and those from the ‘Spirit World’ who work together to use natural, spiritual force. Using this force, countless individuals have been helped; often it is a gradual reduction and eventual removal of the cause of the problem. What must be stated emphatically is that however spectacular the result, it is not a miracle. The Spiritualist understands that miracles would transgress natural law; healing, or any other aspect of mediumship, never does this.

angels-1Disease and illness always have a cause; they are never punishment for ‘wrong doing’.

There are two main areas of healing: ‘contact’ and ‘absent’. Contact healing (often referred to as the ‘laying on of hands’) requires the healer to be with the patient, administering healing in a simple, dignified manner. Absent healing allows those unable to attend to be assisted, as well as those unaware that the healing is taking place.

Most Spiritualist centres hold healing sessions, often on several occasions each week. There are also many sanctuaries dedicated to healing. It should be stressed at these sessions that the mental attitude of the person can have a great effect – relaxation and positive thought can go a long way to remove or prevent many of the illnesses to which we are prone.

Healing can be work which gives satisfaction; but even if you never become an active healer you can still, in your own quiet moments add the strength of your thoughts, goodwill and love to the healing forces around all of us, that all in need might reap the benefit.