Spiritualism in Australia

The Denomination was founded by Mrs. Anne McCann of Sydney who in 1974 made enquiries through the Attorney General’s Department regarding spiritualism becoming a Denomination.

Mrs. McCann was informed by the Attorney General that to form a Denomination under the Law at that time she would require 13 or more churches. Mrs. McCann wrote to all the spiritualist churches within Australia at that time and received letters from over 13 churches who were interested in forming a Denomination.  The documents were sent to Federal Parliament and through being presented were passed by an act of Parliament, by the then Governor General on the 25 August 1975.

United Spiritualism of Australia became a Religious Denomination.

At the first meeting Mrs. Anne McCann was nominated to be the first Arch. Reverend.  Following this, Arch. Reverend Anne McCann applied to the Attorney General’s Office for the Denomination to be registered under the Marriage Act 1961 so that our Ministers could perform marriages.  Arch Reverend Anne McCann was appointed the Nominating Authority to be able to register Ministers to perform marriages under the banner of United Spiritualism of Australia.

This proclamation ensured that the Denomination of The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia has the right to have rites; i.e. the right to be married as a Spiritualist – under  Marriage Act 1961 and to have naming and funeral services held under the auspices of the Church.


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