Format of Church Services

The services held at the North Shore Spiritualist Church closely follow a “standard” format as recognised by the CUSA and other spiritualist movements.

Whilst the visiting mediums may wish to alter the format slightly in order to suit their style of address, the order of service is designed to ensure that the energy levels, and thus vibrational energy levels remain high. High energy levels are desirable in order to support the flow of energy between the medium in the physical world and his or her guides from the spiritual realms.

A typical service includes:

  • Welcome to all present including visitors
  • Song 1 – The Millennium Prayer
  • Opening Prayer
  • Joint reading of The Seven Principles
  • Inspirational reading
  • Song 2
  • Spiritual address by medium
  • Song 3
  • Healing Meditation
  • Notices and Announcements
  • Song 4 (collection song)
  • Demonstration of readings by mediums
  • Closing prayer

The services start at 7.30 pm and usually end between 9.00 and 9.30 pm followed by refreshements.

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